Champs Elysees offers its swimming pool during the four summer months for private pool parties which can be the highlight of your summer. Parties start at 8:00 pm till late and can be pre booked by telephone or email. A lifeguard is always on duty to guarantee the safety of your guests and a DJ to ensure that everyone is in a party mood. Food and drinks are also offered. Party with your friends whatever the occasion in a private party in the clean waters of our pool.


  For 12 months a year Champs Elysees creates a unique environment for private parties in a club which can offer and create new experiences and memories. From children's birthday parties to companies cocktail parties our experienced staff and management can redesign the space to meet your needs. With food varying from stylish finger food for serious parties and delicious delicacies for children's birthday parties and from drinks varying from scotch to non-alcoholic beers, anything you ask for, can be arranged.

To pre book contact us by phone or email.

  We offer a safe and controlled environment for your parties with non-alcoholic drinks and food. A DJ is always there to bring the fun to a peak with the latest hits.
  We also have  a magical bar outside with a private swimming pool that can be pre booked for special occasions that will remain unforgettable.
  Either if its a party for your friends or your company, Champs Elysees can arrange the settings to meet your style. Special prices can be arranged for companies.
  Crazy Parties in and around the swimming pool can be pre booked and arranged by phone and email. Eat - Drink and Dance at Champs Elysees during the summer months.




  We arrange parties for all age groups both at the swimming pool and the bar area. It is preferable that you make a reservation one week prior to your party so that we can check the availability and plan for the fun. Private parties must be over 70 people. Parties with a number of guests can be arranged if other parties are booked on the same day. You can make reservations and check availability by calling at 22-353188. 

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